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Before this experience ends, for now... I wanted to share the importance of growth. Every day is an opportunity to move forward. Wake up, take on the day, learn from what went right and what went wrong, go to bed, and repeat.

If you started creating - perfect! You're already in the game. You're going to start with only 22 views and no shares. Little by little, step by step, you're going to get to 150k views with 5000 shares. If you work hard and respect your growth enough to learn then act on it.

This album is my debut but it's not my first project. 'Death & Taxes' was my first big project that I really worked on. I went by 'Calypso' and my sound was severely different.

Way different right? No proper mixing, instrumentals instead of custom beats, punchline rap vs melodies, cliche artwork/topics, and too many tracks. I've been told that my sound today stemmed from the song 'Imagine' on this mixtape.


'Respect Your Growth' was my next step, more of a giant leap into investing in myself and doing things right. I outsourced my recording, went to a professional mixing engineer, and had my songs mastered for the first time. I thought this was it - we were on to the big leagues. Then life happened.... Everything was put on hold which made me remove myself. I realized that if I'm going to do this, then I have to do it 100% right. 


Thank you.